In July of 2019, I launch my organization to speak out against the over-sexualization of children in the United States. Did I have the time? Not really, but this was not about my time, this was about being obedient to God’s call and fighting back darkness on behalf of innocent children everywhere in the United States.

This is my country, my children’s and grandchildren’s country. Based on the rapid moral decline in our society, I knew I must get involved in the social pressing issues that families are currently facing today. Let me tell you, friends so much has transpired since July. Praise God I listened!

We are seeing an outpour of people who have had enough but just need someone to speak up for them. My messenger and email get hit hard with stories and articles that I’m asked to post on their behalf.
Here are just a few “hot issues” that are breaking the hearts of families around the country. And I want to add, that not all of them are Christian. Even though we are a Christian organization, evil is taking its toll on everything and everyone.

This is what I here: Dragqueens being invited into libraries, Dragqueens being invited into the public schools, homosexual (LGBTQ) sex ed classes, kids being allowed to have non-FDA approved hormones and puberty blockers.
We have a kid trans clinic in Nashville, TN
and more across the country.…/transgender-c…

Gay straight alliance clubs popping up in our middle schools, Gender-neutral bathrooms and lockers being up for debate in schools and colleges. Why is my child learning there are more than two genders? Folks, it just keeps coming.

I have parents reaching out to me with heartbreaking stories that are happening in some of the best academic schools but the administration and other parents will turn a blind eye to what is really happening with this trans kid epidemic tidal wave.
“Houston, we have a problem!”