Our society has got it all wrong ladies. Many women bought into the feminist movement, thinking that it would bring validation to women everywhere.

Validity in what? And at the expense of our children?

At the expense of our family?

I’m not advocating that it’s wrong to have a career, but I am advocating that it’s wrong to sacrifice our children and family on the altar of self, in order to have a career for validation and self worth.

Being a woman and knowing that God created women to have a womb and for me to give birth to our four beautiful children, is one of the greatest honors of my life, outside of my salvation and my marriage to my husband.

It truly wounds my heart, when I hear that staying home with the children, and being a homemaker, is perceived as such a derogatory position in our current society.

Funny thing is – the joke is on them!

Mamas, raising your children in the Lord, nurturing them all day long, with love and compassion, and building true, solid, and foundational relationships with them, is something that no amount of money can ever replace.

Trust me, I know it’s not easy, but God never promised easy – He just promised that it would be well worth it!

It is worth it!!

Last thing. Some women look at staying home with her children as a sacrifice.  It’s not a sacrifice, it’s obedience in the Lord.

And the last time I checked in scripture, obedience is richly rewarded. Don’t miss staying home with your children mama.