Did you know that our tax dollars are paying for homosexual affirming clubs in our schools in Sumner county (our home) and some of them are started by teachers that you trust?

Stay engaged parents. GLSEN is right around the corner. We must speak up now.

I receive testimonials by messenger frequently, personal phone calls, emails and feedback in my own community as to why a person’s sexual orientation is being affirmed and promoted in their child’s school? Furthermore, why are policies and procedures being blown off and ignored and no one is sounding the alarm!

A teacher is in direct violation should he or she start and promote a club. (Gay straight alliance and HERGO just to name a couple.)  Please see your schools policies and procedures. And the School board policies and procedures.

So why are we seeing these homosexual affirming clubs with gross content attached to their twitter accounts for your children to be subjected to? Where is the outcry parents? Are you aware of All of this?

Teachers call it a “safe place” for kids. I don’t think so, it’s more about affirming an unnatural desire and preying upon confused children and planting seeds of confusion in those around them. And we allow this and pay for this?

Parents, this will only get worse and grow out of control. Then we will wonder, “how in the world did we get here?”  Did you ever dream we would see Drag Queens reading to toddlers in our local libraries?

That’s because we fell asleep at the wheel! Plain and simple.

Please don’t assume that this is not threatening to your child’s social well-being, influence, character, and most importantly their hearts.  As a parent of four, I know first- hand how impressionable a young mind is and how critical the middle school years are. That’s why protecting our children’s hearts and minds is vital. Watching over and sifting through material that is provided in their schools, that seeks to distort their belief system, question their morality, and their identity.

Please see the links below to bring awareness of what is truly happening in our community schools.

Let me assure you, should a teacher start a Christian bible study and hang posters in the hall, and create a Twitter acct to promote the club, that would be shut down so fast and without absolutely NO apology.

So why are we so tolerant to a fault that children are being harassed in the hallways of their schools, as one parent put it, taunted by the HERGO group at Gallatin High, telling this young man that he was gay and saying, “you know you like guys”.  And this is ok? Where is this young man’s protection? What about the phycological damage being done to him and many others that are having to put up with this antagonistic behavior?

We should not have affirming sexual orientation groups in school period. If a parent is worried about their questioning  gay child, then they should seek appropriate help. It is Not the school’s responsibility nor taxpayers responsibility to give that child a place of mental therapeutic support. That should never be the schools place! This is a slippery slope that will only become more complicated if not completely shut down.

Students that are unstable should seek a guidance counselor and then follow the path from there. Most importantly, it’s the guardian’s responsibility to provide an outlet of support or help for the child, not the educational system.

This is where it has become so tangled and the majority of the heterosexual students suffer the backlash the most. Meanwhile, taking the focus off the real reason they are there, which is for an academic education, right?

It must be said, no one is dismissing the acceptance of any type of bullying behavior however, what about the mental bullying coming from the aggressive LGBTQ push for our children’s hearts and minds.



Schools are for academic education, not promoting one’s sexual orientation.