Well, remember Brittany Maynard? I do. It was only 6 years ago that I was shopping in Target with my babies, before the bathroom transgender fiasco that is, that a People magazine caught my eye and it stopped me right in my tracks. I could hardly believe what I was reading. My eyes filled with tears as I quickly made my way out of the store with my youngest in my arms.
My oldest, Elijah, asked me, “mommy what’s wrong?” I didn’t know how to respond because I was completely numb. Do I still in America, because at this moment, it doesn’t feel like it. When did I miss the “memo” that it is ok for one to take one’s life and then to celebrate the decision as if she’s God? Cancer or not! Brittney Maynard had become famous for her so-called brave decision to end her own life on her own terms as if she were her own creator.
And by the way, and when did this become legal in America? I guess I had been so busy building our family that I had missed the 6 O’clock evening news on the new trend of assisted suicide. Or should I say, Death By Dignity?

With three kids in tow at the time, I made my way across the parking lot sobbing by now. What was going on with me? Why has this “rocked” me to my core? What is happening in our society? Then quickly my grief turned to anger as I settled the kids in their car seats. Questions swirling in my mind by now.

Did Brittany know God? Did she even fight for her life? Did she have Faith to believe she would be healed? Did she have a Faith-filled family that was supporting her to fight? Did she not trust God no matter what?
The answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO! Brittney did not have faith because she did not believe in God, nor did her husband (who is an advocate for death by dignity today) or her family, who fully supported her decision for her to call her own shots! Wait, what?!?
What if there was a miracle up ahead for Brittney and for her to be healed and bring her entire family to Christ?
I guess we will never know that now, will we?

Is this where we’re at folks? Letting people make up their minds on whether they should live or not then our society accompanies them by providing assisted lethal injections to help them check out early? Then Glorifying their decisions as if they are heroes?
Seems to me it’s getting more and more popular as this Godless society rejects God. We are not animals. We are created in the mighty image of Jesus Christ and our trust should be in Him and in Him alone. What a slippery slope this would become I thought, and it definitely has. Brittney and her husband became the forerunners of “The death by dignity act” and its gaining popularity among the ones with no hope.
In other words, one’s void of Jesus in their hearts. After all, He is the anchor for our souls and nothing else will satisfy.

You see as a Christian, we have a hope that the lost and broken don’t have.
The peace which surpasses all understanding in the face of all adversity.
The Holy Spirit gives us a strength that the human mind without God cannot comprehend and never will without yielded to Him as your personal Lord and savior.
Well, Brittany, you did leave a legacy, but one that is encouraging people to be their own God, separated from Him forever. Instead of seeing Christ as your deliverer, you saw ending your life as the answer. What a heavy burden to bear.
No hope. No healing. No peace of Heaven (The Promise). Just death and emptiness. And leaving your loved ones lost.

Jesus Christ came to this earth to die for you because He loves you more than you can imagine. I can see how life without Christ seems hopeless. I remember. It does not have to be that way. You are loved, no matter what is going on around you right now. Ask HIm today to come into your heart then please reach out to us!
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We must stand for what is right in the eyes of God.
God Bless you and your family.

Toni Stockton