Meet Toni Stockton

Toni Stockton is a wife, mother, homeschool educator, writer, and a speaker on the cultural attacks on the biblical family today.

Toni has been married for 21 years to Eric Stockton. They have four children, three sons and a daughter. They reside on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee on a small farm where they homeschool and raise their family.

It has always been a desire of Toni’s to encourage and lift up sisters in Christ to be true homemakers of their home and fight for their children and family in the midst of this dark cultural war.

She has sat back quietly as she has seen the Christian family deteriorate drastically, and seeing mothers being confused and wooed away from staying home with their young children, rather than being lovers of their family and home.

A Mama on a Mission

Toni is deeply passionate about speaking into the lives of women, and casting the vision of what is truly eternal.

“Society has bewitched many generations of women into thinking that being a homemaker is belittling, however that could not be farther from the truth.”

“The true definition of a homemaker, is someone who spends a lot of time taking personal care of the their home and their family. We are lacking this today. Big time!”

Toni says, the Christian homes are fractured! Our Christian children are floundering in their Christian beliefs. The culture is winning! It’s time to return to our post mamas!

This is not just a cultural war. This is a spiritual war!

Toni believes the strength of a real Godly women is found in a woman’s biblical calling! And a major part of a woman’s calling, is her family!

God loves The biblical family. God loves His design!

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