New podcast coming in January 2022

It is no wonder the family is under such spiritual attack in today’s culture. Family is God’s beautiful design. God’s perfect design.

We serve a God of order and throughout the Bible we can see the craftsmanship of God’s mighty hand and how everything has a purpose and plan.

The tough part is, will we yield ourselves to God’s perfect order through walking in obedience, according to His word and the Holy Spirit’s leading?

I’ll be the first to tell you that in today’s upside down culture, Satan will throw every obstacle and temptation at you to get you to abort the plans that The Lord has already prepared for you and your beautiful family.

I talk more about this in my upcoming podcast on Riseup4thechildren with Toni Stockton found only on anchor and spotify.

I will tell you that I have personally battled and I still do in the spirit, to keep my family spiritually healthy and shield them from this demonic over sexualized culture. It’s an all out battle, but one that is worth the fight!

The enemy hates that God’s children are in a Godly traditional marriage (man and woman), raising Godly and moral children, according to the word of God, because the biblical family is a direct reflection of Christ, His order, and remember that God’s design was put in place to advance the Kingdom work on this earth.

That is something the enemy has been attacking since the beginning of time. The enemy hates everything God designed. Never forget that!

Fight for your families mom. Guard your marriage from infidelity, pornography, and impurities that seek to steal your marriage. John 10:10

Remember, the enemy will aggressively come after your marriage, because it’s a covenant agreement
in the eyes of The Lord. And agreement equals power! I cannot wait to tell you more about that.

And never forget, the enemy wants your marriage because he seeks to have the potential of your marriage and the prosperity that will come from a Godly marriage. Such as your children, grandchildren, and the biblical legacy of a families salvation.

Join me next week as I discuss intimately about guarding our families and what that looks like in our everyday lives.

We are not of those that draw back,