Folks, I cannot say that I’m surprised. Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee, has displayed Democratic leadership all along. Shocking, for such a supposedly conservative state.

He has shown us that he is not a strong US Constitutional Governor, a Governor that values American principles over his close liberal advisers, and one that cowardly extends an executive order for all of the Mayors to institute, so he will not look like the bad guy. Manipulative.

We are in a day and time where mighty warriors are desperately needed to stand strong against the liberal mob on the outside and on the inside. If you catch my drift!

And of course, I’m sure the federal money looks extremely attractive to him too.

Bill Lee, after your time as Governor is up, I believe you will look back on this moment of stewardship with deep regret.
As I reget, that I fell for your grassroots, strong businessman, no nonsense of big government persona.

This was not the way to govern the people in a time of crises. You oppressed and allowed oppression, rather than encouraged and strengthened the people to walk in faith and overcome.

I would expect this from a liberal state. Not from Tennessee!