The catch? Just take the shot!

America! Aren’t we smarter than this?

Has it crossed your mind that if big tech, big Pharma, and country super stars that are trying so desperately to convince you to take an experimental vaccine, that something could be dangerously wrong?

Freedom is not free and once we start flippantly giving it away, make no mistake, we will never get it back.

Come alongside Riseup4thechildren to spread the awareness and equip the public with messages and practical strategies to preserve our freedom in America and pave the way for our future generations to continue to keep their freedoms in America.

We will not sit by twiddling our thumbs any longer while socialism in many forms sweeps across our country and into our classrooms, changing the hearts and minds of our future leaders in America, our children.

We are in a serious battle sweet families.
Engage mom and dad!

Please rise up with us and contribute $20.00 monthly to help Riseup4thechildren continue our God given assignment of preparing and equipping the American family.

We will not relent. America is in trouble but I have hope in the true ecclesia church.
We are rising up and taking back our territory!

Come with us!

God Bless you mightily!
Toni Stockton