As a mom of four. Three boys and a little girl, it’s hard for me to stand by and just be quiet on this issue of Drag Queens in our public libraries.

The moral decline in my own community has burdened me deeply. 

We home educate our children but I still care about the children in our community. How could I not? My husband coaches baseball and I serve in our church with the small kiddos. We just love kids! 

Protecting their hearts and minds is of utmost importance to us and my husband. I realize everyday that home education is truly a Blessing. 

However, what about our friends that cannot home school or afford private school, and need to rely on the public school system, after school programs and such?  I get feedback all to often on how vulnerable they feel because of the moral decline in our society and it’s leaked into everything. The only answer or comfort I can give is to Battle with them in prayer and believe in Faith that their children will Not be swept away by this ever increasing Godless culture.  

Then one day, The Lord said to me, Prayer is powerful but I’ve called you and many like you to battle. Not knowing at the time what that truly meant,I kept waiting on The Lord and then it was REVEALED.

I would start an organization called to encourage, inform and push back on issues that infringe upon the rights of Christian Families. We’re just getting started but we’ve busted out with a bang!