I love when I’m asked the question. “Toni, did you always know that you wanted to homeschool?” Absolutely not! There was a time when I was not mentally tough enough to even think about homeschooling. However, through growing in the Lord and reading His word for myself, I discovered all of the wonderful plans that The Lord had for me and our family. One of them, being a homeschool mom. Little by little through God’s word I became strong enough to answer the calling of home education for our children and the biblical path that only God himself could carve out for us.

I must share with you that not many of our friends or family cheered us on, simply because it had never been done before in our family and homeschooling to many seemed very weird.
I must admit, it was a little weird for me at first too. However, through reading God’s word daily and praying over our family our path became so clear. Was I scared? You better believe I was, but I now had God’s confidence and His strength to hold me up and guide me.

Mama, if you are scared and second guessing yourself on whether or not homeschooling is for your family, I would advise you to pray and wait upon the Lord. Trust me, you will know if this path is for you and your family. God will give you the grace, courage, and peace – no matter what others say.

All I can tell you, is that homeschooling has been and still is, the best decision that my husband and I have ever made for our family. It has cultivated a home of faith, trust, closeness, and a love for each other that I know will bond us together for life. We have walked through some fires and have experienced high mountain tops, but doing life together is something that our culture has lost. Homeschooling is much more than academics, it’s cementing a relationship with one another that many families truly don’t get to experience in this fast paced culture we live in today.

No regrets!