I must admit that when I first heard about this, I didn’t believe that it would ever become an issue. I thought to myself, what parent in their right mind would ever take an innocent child to this form of wickedness and sexually perverted display of evil. This will never “stick”! 


Our culture is more lost and perverted than I ever fathomed. A friend said to me, “TONI, YOU KNOW, THE DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR IS JUST A SYMPTOM OF A DISEASE CALLED SIN.” Yes I know, I replied. That being said, I knew that as a Christ follower and devoted mom of four beautiful children, that are growing up in this overly sexually charged society, that I must speak up and speak boldly.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve always been very sensitive to protect the hearts and minds of children. So honestly, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I launched my organization called, tonistockton.org after the audacious DQSH hit the public on a National Level. 

That’s right! The DQSH was rolled out on a National Level at: 

The American Library Association. Appaulling! As you can imagine, this has left a lot of us parents reeling from the effects of this sickening new trend of gay men dressed as women, in very sexual attires and then as if that was not twisted enough, the content of the books that are chosen are telling a three year old that his pee- pee or her tee- tee doesn’t matter and that they can become whatever “feels” right. Has our culture lost it’s brains or what?

How do you change a generation? Change their education. Groom them to be drawn to a Godless society, having no conscience of right and wrong in God’s eyes. Teach them to be wise in their own eyes and walk according to their own lust and desires. Teach them to love the world more than the one who gave them BREATH.

Even our churches are succumbing to this evil by being deceived that accepting this sin is being loving. I challenge anyone who knows God’s word to show me where Jesus accepted sin and said stay that way.

Oh wait. You can’t!  You see, Jesus is freedom, light and love. Not man’s form of love that goes along with everything because he or she wants to avoid confrontation and heaven forbid someone not like them. 

Didn’t Jesus tells us this upfront in His word. Matthew 15:18-25 

If the world hates you, keep in mind, it hated me first.

This disciple of Christ will always fight pure evil because as a Christ follower it goes against the purity and the beauty of Christ. The best news however, is that with the power of the Holy Spirit we can overcome and win those lost souls to Christ in the process. Glory to God!