Raising Godly children in a hostile godless culture.

Parents, are you aware that the Bible (God’s word) addresses all social and moral issues happening today in our culture? Are you equipped to talk about them with your children?

The Bible addresses socialism, homosexuality, climate change, transgenders, gender identity crises, abortion, the role of America, and not to mention that the Bible is the #1 moral authority on which we were given to raise future generations. Then, what is happening?

Are we really that surprised that we are in the hour that we are in? I want to challenge you mom and dad to recognize how we are raising our children. The next generation.

What does God’s word say about how we should raise our children? What does God’s word say about culture and the world? How are we to engage?
If we cannot give an honest and transparent answer as to how we are raising our children in The Lord, then we have contributed to the problem that we are seeing today.

We have a massive breakdown in the younger generations in America and it is rooted in a spiritually lost and biblically illiterate nation.
How did this happen mom and dad? Have we truly passed down a Godly legacy to our children?

Take a good long look at the landscape in America.
I would say with absolute confidence, No, we have not passed down a Godly inheritance!

Are we able to raise our children effectively in God’s word by putting them all day in a secular government public school system that teaches evolution, climate change, The Darwin Theory, many genders (non binary), socialism is a better path to freedom, and painting America as an angry racist country?

Understand all of the curriculum I just described is 100% anti God and hostile to God!

Sin is crouching at the door of our children’s hearts and minds and we are simply not using our God given authority as parents to guard and steward our children and future generations.

We are in a spiritual war mom and dad and it’s accelerating fast. Have you noticed? Our children in America are no longer taught spiritual and moral values that set their feet upon solid ground and because of this, they are drowning in the culture.

In fact, American education has hijacked our youth and sadly, we let it happen. Why? Well, maybe we didn’t fully understand the implications of raising our children with a secular worldview.

Government public education says it took religion out of schools. That is simply not true.
Religion is alive and well in government public schools. What has been taken out, is Christianity.

Simply put, we as parents and the church have neglected to protect the Bible – Genesis 1:11. the foundation upon which we stand!
We allowed our children’s foundation to be built upon sand, rather than the rock of Jesus Christ. The Bible gives us absolutes on creation, two genders, Godly marriage between a man and a woman, morality, and much more that would make our world a better place and lead us straight to the arms of Jesus.

We let “the world” program our children to believe that they cannot trust the Bible and that it’s not to be taken literally. We are experiencing the devastation of that right now.

Many parents, have made the argument that their children need to be in government public schools to be the salt and the light. Based upon the popular scripture (Matthew 5:13,
that I hear all too often.)

But I would like for you to consider this. The scripture also says to have salt in you, so that you can be salt and light. (Mark 9:50)

Yet many parents, send their children off to government public schools spiritually unprepared and with no weapons of armor to defend God’s word.
Children cannot defend the Bible’s authority when evolution, millions of years (The Darwin Theory), science presented with a slanted secular view, and purposely confusingly content that sends our children into confusion. Saints. Remind me again who the author of confusion is? Yes, Satan! (1 Corinthians 14:33)

Meanwhile, we tell Little Johnny to, “just trust Jesus and that’s it!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, trusting Jesus with your whole heart is everything, but in this generation, we are seeing children’s faith heavily under assault by the culture and it’s throwing them into a violent tailspin. To put it simply, Satan is stealing the seed. (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23) ( The parable of the sower)

May we all take an honest inventory of our home and how we are raising this generation and future generations. Ask yourself mom and dad, is my family biblically sound? Am I leading my family in scripture and preparing them to stand up against the cultural attacks of today?

The battle In our children’s generation, is the absolute authority of God. How are you equipping them mom and dad?

Equip the next generation with the authority of God’s unfailing word. This is my Battle Cry!
Toni Stockton

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