This blog should have been about “Teen and kid Gender Insanity,” but then I decided to put that on hold for now and share this with you.

During this process of promoting the national Bring Your Bible To School Day coming up October 3, 2019, by Focus On The Family, a well known biblically-based foundation known for supporting Christian family values and loving people in Jesus’ name. It became surprisingly obvious to me that there is a growing fear of Christians not wanting to share and talk about God’s word, the Bible. However, is it truly fear or apostasy? 

Do you know what that word means? It means the falling away of what you use to believe. 

What I discovered made me weep. I encountered more opposition from Christians than I did nonbelievers if you can believe that. I experienced more Christians telling me that our public schools were good and kids knew they could express their faith, why upset the “applecart,” because at least we still have, See You At The Pole Day. Was that enough? Was there not room for more of Christ?

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. Was this really happening? Yes, we had a fair amount of support from parents but nothing at all like I thought it would be or should be. 

The more I pushed and asked questions, I did uncover that parents and students did not know their first amendment rights or their freedom of religion rights and the schools were definitely not ok. 

It’s much like going to the Dr. for a check-up and thinking that you are healthy until he starts to poke, prod and run tests, then you discover that something is very wrong. So why all the resistance? I’ll let you ponder on that.

Then the next shocker was the turndown of three Chick Fil A’s in our communities that said they did not want to participate in the Bring Your Bibles To School Day because they didn’t want to favor any one group over the other and promoting bibles was not how you win the lost. Wait, what? Then I was told they don’t play Christian music anymore because it offends their customers and they just want to focus on making great chicken and having great customer service. AKA, succumbing to the culture. Then, when I called their corporate office twice about asking if this is a corporate decision versus an owner’s personal decision, I didn’t receive any response. Well, I guess we will just have to standby and see what trickles down from the top.

All of this to say, I can easily see why our culture is rapidly turning into a Godless society. Apostasy has risen! 

Return to your first love. Jesus.